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Providing psychologically informed personal styling & wellbeing support

Dr Terrelonge has worked with many well known media outlets and organisations and can provide consultancy or commentary on a range of topics within fashion and consumerisms, with a psychological lens and voice.


Dr Terrelonge is also available for collaboration on research and is currently working with the London College of Fashion to investigate the link between mood, clothing practices and wellbeing.

The Style & Well Being Consultancy

This service is for anyone who would like a truly thinking and holistic styling experience; someone to listen, acknowledge your individualism, and help you work through any barriers to self-styled expression


We specialise in working with individuals going through periods of change, whether they be physical and or emotional, and offer a guiding, empathetic hand through the often daunting world of fashion


We work to help you develop your personal style so that it reflects who you are on the inside, and the person you want to project to the world

"I have always been interested in personal style, the way it makes us feel, the way it is shaped by who we are and the way it shows who we are"

I am a practicing chartered Psychologist, having completed a BSc, MSc, and Doctorate in Psychology.


I have long held a love for fashion, coming from a family of avid sewers; creating outfits for my dolls and religiously tuning into The Clothes Show with my mother every Sunday evening as a child.


I have always been the person my male and female friends turn to when wanting to find that special outfit or try something new, and so I decided to complete a Diploma in Personal Styling with The London College of Style. There, I honed my skills in male and female body shape, colour, brand awareness and style personality.


I noted people often turned to dress and appearance during periods of change and as a means of expression e.g, at the beginning or end of a relationship, a change of career, or when in a place of self-re-evaluation. For me, this highlighted the intersectionality between Psychology and dress, and the power of "the feel good factor", known as hedonic wellbeing. As a Psychologist, I focus on the inside, and as a stylist, on the outside. But people are wholes, not parts, so why not attend to both?


I love to shop for others, support motivation, and promote self-esteem and confidence, and believe fashion should not be a daunting, stigmatising or an exclusionary affair.


Fashion is for everyone, and expression is human.This is why I created The Style and Wellbeing Consultancy. Welcome to a true retail therapy experience!



I've worked with Dr Terrelonge on several occasions now and her thoughtful insights have always been invaluable. As a fashion writer it's brilliantly helpful to meet a psychologist who so fully understands the emotional role that clothes can play in our lives, and treats the topic with the reverence of a fellow style-lover. Dion always provides a fascinating perspective and has opened my eyes to many new ways of thinking about our shopping habits and the choices we make as consumers. I'd recommend her services to anyone looking to make-over their relationship with fashion, or to gain expert professional wisdom on the relationship between our wardrobes, our brains and our wellbeing.

Lauren Bravo / journalist and author

We had Dion speak at the Dragon Café as part of our Festival of Freud for the Mental Fight Club. She gave an engaging and inspiring talk that got everyone thinking about the choices we make in deciding what to wear and the assumptions we make about others based on their appearance. The key point was a powerful one - clothes do more than ‘express’ how we feel but actually affect how we feel – with the good news that we can have some control of that process.

Ivan Ward / Freud Museum London

"I was very impressed with the amount of preparation Dion had done. I was surprised that she had read me so well choosing a colour and style not too far away from my usual wardrobe but enough to modernise and rejuvenate my look.  I am not sure how she managed this but it was very effective. The questions she asked were very relevant and gave me the opportunity to expand on what I was looking for without feeling I was being cross-examined. I really enjoyed the whole experience and I learned a great deal


I am delighted not only with the clothes but, more importantly, with how I feel.  I am now more focused on my buying and feel everything better reflects who I am.  I certainly look more youthful (but not inappropriately so) and I feel it too."


Mandy / Recently retired

Dion came to my flat for a wardrobe edit and consultation. I was at a complete loss as to what worked or didn’t anymore, what to pair and what to wear in a given situation. When I shopped I picked up random bits but never an outfit and felt I had lots of clothes but not anything I actually wanted to wear. After Dion helped me with my current wardrobe I had several staple outfits I felt good and more put together in. There was more in there than I thought and Dion’s tweaking of bits I had meant I didn’t need to go out and get a whole new wardrobe as I’d thought. When I go out now I feel much better in what I’m wearing and have received compliments about my clothes. I don’t feel out of my comfort zone and it’s not about being dressy or overdone. I’ve realised I don’t need as many clothes either. I’ll be shopping much smarter in the future with Dion’s tips too! 

Caroline / Optometrist


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